Our Mission

To advance medicinal cannabis through science and to develop the best possible products for our customers. At Blossom, we believe cannabinoids have the power to improve lives. We want to develop the best genetics to be used in the production of medical cannabis. 

Our Story

At Blossom we believe genetics is the key driver of positive change in cannabis industry. Improving the quality of cannabis that patients are prescribed is paramount. 


A limited understanding regarding the genetic and environmental factors influencing agronomic and pharmaceutical traits is causing volatility within the supply of medical cannabis. This is preventing the development of cannabis-based products as safe, cost effective and pharmaceutically viable treatments.

Blossom's team has 20 years experience breeding a variety of crops.


We set up Blossom's cannabis breeding programme for a simple reason, we knew we could attain results no one else was positioned to achieve.

How? With an intense and unique focus on the needs of the medical industry – which we serve globally at all levels - paired with serious science, we knew we could breed for real solutions.

Our teams are made up of seasoned executives along with PhD breeders and technical staff to drive the science. 


We are located in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and the USA. We know that doing meaningful work requires vision, drive, and  a team who believe in the end goal every step of the way.

Our advisory board is composed of business executives, scientists and industry experts to provide advice and help the company develop.

Experienced Leadership