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What do we believe is the key driver of positive change in Cannabis? Genetics.


Improving the quality of cannabis that patients are prescribed is paramount. A

limited understanding regarding the genetic and environmental factors influencing

agronomic and pharmaceutical traits is causing volatility within the supply of medical

cannabis. This is preventing the development of cannabis-based products as safe, cost

effective and pharmaceutically viable treatments.

So many growers today are still growing cannabis varieties from decades ago developed by hobby breeders - some are 30-50 years old. There have been great advancements in genetics since those early hobby strains and there are more coming. 

Blossom Breeding

At Blossom, we are more committed than ever to collaborating with growers and to being a leading source of solutions that will drive innovation and improvement in the cannabis category. First and foremost, our breeding and licensing programs offer new genetics with ever-improving qualities that will deliver considerable competitive advantages to growers. 

We are continuing to invest significantly in our breeding programme. We now have a comprehensive applied research team working closely with our breeder scientists and global grower support team to drive innovation and to share knowledge with our licensees and customers. 


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