Blossom Genetics Is Delighted To Announce The Formation Of Our New Advisory Board

London – November 4th, 2019 Blossom Genetics is delighted to announce the formation of our new Advisory Board. This board will help shape and guide the strategy of Blossom working closely with the leadership team. The first key member of our new Advisory Board is Arif Shivji. We’re thrilled to have him in our corner, helping to drive Blossom mission focus and growth.

About Blossom Genetics Blossom Genetics produces proprietary medicinal cannabis genetics and products. Our mission is to advance medicinal cannabis through scientific research to develop best in class products for our customers. Our founders are one of the largest soft fruit growers and breeders in Europe. As industry leaders with over 50 years experience we bring our experience and knowledge to produce the highest quality medical products in an industry that has historically lacked best in class standards. We are a best in class horticultural business. Through research, education, and knowledge-sharing, we’re inspiring new thinking and informed decisions about medical cannabis and health. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @BlossomGenetics.