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About Blossom Genetics

Blossom is a global organisation that provides cannabis services, genetics and products. We are one of the largest medical cannabis growers globally and come from a longstanding horticultural background.

Blossom manufactures multiple cannabis products, available in a variety of packaging options. Each product is standardised according to pharmaceutical standards with a defined active ingredient composition.


Our Prodcuts

​All our products are independently analysed and certified. We control the entire production chain to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Full Range of THC Flower & Packaging Options

  • EU-GMP & CUMCS Certified Products Multiple High THC Strains Available

  • White Label Service for Brands

  • Industry Leading Genetics

  • Wholesale & Final Form Products Available


How Can We Help You?

Medical Cannabis Services


We supply EU - GMP medical

cannabis flower in a range of packaging options


We provide white labelling services for EU - GMP final product release


We develop the industry’s best cannabis genetics


We offer logistics & warehousing services

Insurance Policy

Working With Us

Working in Office

A Full Range of Medical Cannabis Products

Blossom’s business model allows our clients to benefit from unique industry leading cannabis strains, premium flower, bespoke packaging solutions and reliable all year round supply.

We offer one off purchasing options or long term supply contracts to make sure our clients have full flexibility and can meet patient demand.

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