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At Blossom we believe genetics are the key driver of positive change in Cannabis. Improving the quality of cannabis that patients are prescribed is paramount. 


Our molecular breeding platform enables us to quickly identify and incorporate commercially valuable traits of cannabis plants to create new, stable cannabis lines.


Our products are used by the pharmaceutical industry.


We supply our genetics to cultivators or drug developers.


Our breeding platform dramatically reduces our development time for new high-value varieties of cannabis.


We control the entire supply chain to ensure our customers receive nothing but the highest quality products.


Our research covers cultivation, genetics and product development.


We consider scientific research essential to further cannabis use in modern medicine.


Looking To The Future.

Our mission is to advance medicinal cannabis through science and to develop the best possible products for our customers. At Blossom, we believe cannabinoids have the power to improve lives.

Plant breeding provides cultivators with crops that are better suited for their environment and patient needs by making use of the genetic diversity that exists naturally within each crop family.

Through generations of research and discovery, plant breeding has advanced beyond selecting a parent plant simply based on its appearance. It now includes an in-depth understanding of the genetic makeup of a plant, giving breeders the ability to better predict which plants will have the highest probability of success in the field before making a cross.


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Blossom has one of the world's largest private medical cannabis breeding programs bringing the best cannabis genetics to growers throughout the globe.

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